I’m so happy you’ve made your way to my page! Welcome to my tiny space on the internet. My name is Jade and I am 25 years old. I was born and raised on the beach in New Jersey, went to college at James Madison University in Virginia (Go Dukes!) and am currently living in the city that never sleeps.

I work as a Wedding Specialist for The Knot- a wedding website and magazine, a Bridal Stylist at the dreamiest boutique, and I do freelance event planning and social media (yes I’m the busiest person you will ever e-meet!) I like vintage bookstores, wedding dresses, and strange words with simple meanings (poetry is my jam). I hate small talk, love Jesus, and am weirdly good at finding shark teeth on the beach.

To sum it up, I love love. I’m a huge hopeless romantic obsessed with life and wearing my heart on my sleeve (literally). Throughout my blog, you’ll read about my experiences living in Manhattan, how to live a healthy lifestyle, all things fashion+beauty and everything in between. Know that your support means so much to me! I love hearing from new people so please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions, answers, or just want to talk about life.

I’d love to meet you.


Random Facts About Me:

→ I was born a redhead //  I love listening to proposal stories

→ I have a twin // I’ve played soccer my whole life

→ I love the city but am southern at heart // I backpacked through Europe

→ My boyfriend is from GA // We met on a boat

→ I like watching people reunite at the airport // My birthday is 11/11

→ I have a tiny heart tattooed on my wrist // I LOVE tattoos, but only have two

→ Pearl Harbor is my favorite movie // I love to cook but am bad at baking

→ I listen to Christian music every morning // I can’t wait to be a golden retriever mama