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Time to talk fitness! I really enjoy living an active lifestyle, hence why having a workout routine is very important to me. I’ve played soccer throughout the majority of my life, but after tearing my ACL, I had to figure out a way to burn calories that didn’t involve kicking a ball around (and that I actually enjoyed doing). Once I moved to New York City, my schedule became so jam packed, I barely had enough time to think about working out, let alone actually getting to the gym (the struggle was real!) 

Then I found the gym goddess of all gym goddesses. KAYLA ITSINES. My love hate relationship with her is so real (obviously it’s more love, if it wasn’t I wouldn’t be writing about her workouts!) Keep reading to find out why I love her.

First off, she’s real. She runs her OWN Instagram, posts not only her own inspiring photos, but photos of other girls’ progress throughout her BBG (Bikini body Guide) program. She promotes “feeling healthy,” not “looking skinny.” Kayla doesn’t believe in stepping on a scale, but instead suggests taking pictures of your progress throughout her program. I love this! It’s easy to obsess over a number. But this will drive you crazy. I weigh more than I did before I started her program, but I’m leaner, stronger, and thinner than I previously was. So who cares about the number when I look and feel great?

The reason I love Kayla’s workouts is because they fit into my busy schedule. Her BBG is designed to focus on one week at a time. There are three workouts each week (with low intensity workouts, such as walking/jogging in between). And each workout is 28 minutes!!! That’s it! You do 4 rounds of 7 minute mini workouts. And since you’re targeting all the important parts of your body, that’s all you need. I would rather work my butt off, and leave the gym dripping sweat in less than 30 minutes than I would getting a half assed 1.5 hour workout on the elliptical. Her workouts are by no means easy, but just knowing each little round is 7 minutes, is enough to push me through till the end. I now work out parts of my body that I never used to pay attention to- like my arms for example. I NEVER used to lift weights because I didn’t want to look like Body Builder Helga and I was scared I’d get big. I was SO WRONG. I actually have definition in my arms now, with just enough muscle to look toned, not built.

You can buy Kayla’s BBG program online (here is her website) or even better- buy her app! It’s $19.99/month, so think about it as investing in a gym membership. The greatest thing about her workouts is that you don’t need a gym to complete them. You can do them in your own home! The only reason I pay for a gym is because my Upper East Side apartment is so tiny, when I do a burpee, my neighbors below me can hear my every move. But the beauty about Kayla’s workouts is that they can seriously be done anywhere. She also has a 30 day recipe book! The book is great if you need some meal plan ideas. I don’t follow the book day by day, but instead I’ll reference to it, if I need some healthy dinner inspo. The recipes are so easy and so good!

Another huge factor that helps me stay on top of my Kayla Workouts is having a workout Buddy (aka my fellow gym junkie, Kylee). It’s convenient because not only is Kylee my best friend (so when she tells me to get my butt in the gym, I can’t be mad at her) but we also work on the same team at The Knot. So together, we leave our office, walk to the gym, do the same workouts and then leave together. Having a workout buddy holds you accountable to keep up with Kayla. I’ve started Kayla in the past and have given up after a few weeks when I was doing it by myself, but ever since Kylee and I have been on the same gym routine, it has really inspired me to keep up with it. For example, when I’m feeling exhausted and don’t want to go to the gym, but I know Kylee is- then that makes me want to go too because if not, then I’ll fall behind. We encourage each other too, even during our workouts. I highly suggest finding a workout buddy. If you don’t have someone to physically workout with every week, then you can have a long distance workout buddy! It might sound silly, but I am being so serious. Call up your bestie who lives in a different city, tell her she’s the chosen one, and hold each other accountable! Try to get on the same gym schedule so that you can text each other updates and check in with one another. It will seriously help you get through those tough SORE weeks.

Comment on this post or email me if you have any questions! I’m thinking I’ll do another post at some point highlighting my pre-workout, protein shakes, meal prepping guidelines, etc., so stay tuned! 

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