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Hey guys! Please forgive me for uploading this post three weeks after my trip. I’ve had so much going on since I’ve gotten back, sometimes I struggle keeping up with everything🤦🏼‍♀️ But hey- I’m only human! Promising to do the best I can as we move into spring and summer with posting weekly♥ I love keeping up with it all, it’s just hard when I juggle a full time job outside of blogging (to all my non full-time bloggers- you guys feel me!)

I had such an awesome time in California last month. Jack and I spent the first two days in LA seeing friends, going out in Santa Monica and beaching in Malibu (of course😏) The more I go to Cali, the more I’m finding myself in Malibu. There’s just something about driving down the PCH with views of mountains AND the ocean that you just can’t beat. Jack and the guys usually like to surf at Zuma beach, but on Saturday, we decided to do El Pescador instead. Hands down, my new favorite beach! You have to climb down rocks to get there, so I love how it’s off the beaten path. It’s so remote- we were basically the only ones there! The boys surfed while the girls hung out on the beach- I couldn’t ask for a more perfect day. I didn’t have any service on the beach, so I didn’t have my phone with me- hence why I don’t have photos! Sometimes I honestly like having no service, because it forces me to keep my phone away and enjoy being in the moment. The first two photos I took from Google and the the third one is the only picture I have on my phone from this day!

After the beach, we all drove up through the Santa Monica mountains (there were about 10 of us) to a really funky place called The Old Place. They have a restaurant, a bar, and a truck that serves coffee and espresso right on the property! I definitely suggest checking out if you’re in Malibu and looking for a cool spot with some history 🙂

This photo was from Friday night! Our friends just moved into the cutest apartment in Santa Monica, we all started our night there and then hopped around town😎 Again,the only photo I have🤦🏼‍♀️

On Sunday, Jack and I left for Tucson, but before we left, he surprised me with the best gift ever and told me he’s taking me to Hawaii for my birthday in November. I was SO surprised!!! He wanted to tell me this early because I’m a “planner” haha! Hawaii has been on our bucket list and we always talk about going, but I didn’t think it would be this year! I am so excited for this trip and am already counting down the days!

Ok on to Tucson! Jack’s grandparents live there so we wanted to plan a mini getaway to spend some time with them in the desert🌵 Their home is beautiful! Haha they have a grapefruit/lemon tree in their backyard- how cool! Jack and I stayed there for four days. We didn’t plan too much because we really just wanted to have a low-key trip and spend time with his grandparents. Everyday we laid out by the pool and ate fresh grapefruit. It was so relaxing and such a nice break from the craziness of NYC.

On Tuesday night we decided to go downtown for a Taco Tuesday date🌮🍹 We went to a Mexican restaurant called El Charro cafe, sat outside on the back patio and had some mango margs (my fave). After dinner we drove around the area because I wanted to see University of Arizona’s campus- it was so cool! 

Horseback riding through the dessert was one of the highlights of our mini getaway to Arizona. Jack booked a sunset ride ahead of time through Westward Look. I busted out my boots (that have been collecting dust in the city..) and was so excited to hop on a horse! There was no one else in our group besides Jack and I, so it was nice we got to ride horses for an hour and a half with just each other and the woman leading us. Sitting on a horse definitely doesn’t fall under my typically daily routine, so I had a blast pretending I was a cowgirl. The ride itself was so easy- if you’d like something a little bit more on the “wild” side, I would suggest booking a ride at a different place in Tucson. Here are some suggestions!

The second to last day of our trip, we decided to go on a hike. Hiking is a must if you’re traveling to Tucson. There are so many trails to choose from- they’re all BEAUTIFUL! Jack and I chose Mount LemonHere are some others.

After our Tucson trip, we headed back to Los Angeles for a few days before I had to leave to come home to the East Coast. I was so happy to have a few more days in Cali because it allowed me to plan a few more things 🙂

Eggslut has been on my list of foodie places to try so I dragged Jack to the Venice Beach location one morning, we picked up some breakfast sandwiches and biscuits and then headed down to the beach to pig out. I think my expectation was a little bit too high for these sandwiches but they were good- I would go back! Will definitely give you an insta-worthy photo🙌🏻.

After breakfast, Jack dragged me to a greenhouse so that he could buy a pot and soil. He wants to plant his own grapefruit tree, so he took seeds from his grandparents tree in Arizona (yes, he made me pack seeds and dirt in my suitcase…) because he wants to keep this family tree going😂 So that was fun..

Back to Malibu! 

We had some fun things planned in Malibu later that day, so we decided to have lunch at Malibu Farm Cafe on Malibu Pier. I suggested this place my last Cali blog post, so now I can finally give you my opinion. I LOVED IT! The salted caramel chocolate ice cream cake will change your life. I am not kidding.

 After lunch we had a little bit of time before our safari (keep reading for more info 🙈) , so we decided to stop by Malibu Wines to hang out and sip on some vino. This place is so cool! Both Malibu Wines and Malibu Wine Safari are both part of Saddle Rock RanchHere is their wedding site. #swoon.

Malibu Wine Safaris is SO FREAKING COOL! It has mixed reviews on Yelp, some people say the wine pours aren’t too generous. Here’s the thing: If you are a wine expert and are only doing this to drink wine, then don’t book it. This is more about having a fun day, riding through vineyards in an open truck, seeing and feeding animals and TASTING different wines. No, they aren’t going to pour full glasses, hence the reason the call it a tasting. Jack and I had the most amazing time. The views are so beautiful, they look fake. And the tour guys teach you a lot! We had JC and Nick- they were great! For $60 something bucks/person I would book this again in a heartbeat. I think it’s totally worth it.

📷 : MalibuSafaris

After our safari tour ended, we drove to Dume Point on our way back to Beverly Hills to watch the sunset. The waves are good here so there’s always a ton of surfers out- it’s GORGEOUS. Flowers everywhere, overlooking the ocean, it’s seriously the most perfect place to end the day🌅

Another great Cali trip in the books! In less than two weeks I’m off to Florida to spend the weekend with Jack’s family for Memorial Day, and then he’s going to come back to NYC with me for a few weeks! 🗽🚕 Email me if you’re planning a trip to LA or Tucson, or comment with some of your favorite spots so I can add them to my list! Thanks for reading! xo

Jade ♡

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