Here Comes The Sun


I love incorporating pops of color into my wardrobe. While I will honestly say, the majority of clothes hanging in my closet are black, I will mix in some bright colors to spice things up a bit. This yellow top is a perfect example🌟🌻☀
The layered sleeves on this shirt are the best. I paired with some high waisted cotton black pants (SO comfy) and my all time favorite jacket (the gold zippers up the sleeves are pretty fab).
This outfit would be super cute with some simple black heels but I decided to give my poor feet a break for the day and wear my black, gold specked flats (They run a little big, I ordered half a size smaller).
My black fuzzy satchel is from Dor L’ Dor (I’ve linked my other favorite one’s below). It’s black so it goes with everything but it’s fuzziness makes it pop 😎

Hoping everyone has the best Friday!

Jade ♡

3 thoughts on “Here Comes The Sun”

  1. Well aren’t you just poppin fresh like spring! You embody warmth, fun, and zany all in one breath! Keep smiling Jade, it’s infectious!

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